Inspired by Disney On Ice, storytelling through dance is a magical way to have fun and be active!

The easy to use resources on this page mean you can enjoy creating your own stories and dance routines in any setting, at home, in a dance club or youth group. The programme is aimed at children aged four to eight years, but please use it as you see fit to have fun and get active with your children.

The story ideas sheets help the children to create a story by choosing the characters, settings and obstacles they want to be part of their personal adventure. When the story is ready, we’ve provided ideas to help you create a dance routine to tell the story, just like the creative team at Disney On Ice.

To help inspire and support you, on the materials page you will find images from Disney On Ice shows, a music piece and videos featuring interviews with skaters and performers from the Disney On Ice shows.

If you have any questions about the program please contact us at fittodance@feldinc.com

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